2013 Country hot spots


Hi All,

We are interested to hear your views, which countries do you think will be "hot spots" in 2013? And why?


Export Solutions publishes an annual list of Hot Countries for Food & Beverage export.
See link to article.
http://www.exportsolutions.com/ExportTipsDetails.aspx?id=173&title=Hot Markets 2013

Not so hot countries ? Obviously "PIGS" plus Hungary, Egypt, and Argentina.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your response. Which are the countries belonging to PIGS? Portugal, Greece, Spain and? Not heard that acronym!

Have the other not so hot countries been not so hot for a while, or was 2012 a bad year in particular?


For the PIGS acronym……"I" is for Ireland. PIGS, Argentina, Egypt,Venezuela suffering from economic and political instability for last two years. Short term outlook continues to be negative, with mid term recovery ( 3-5 years) the desired outcome.

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