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If you are an exporter or interested in export, we encourage you to browse the site, free of charge and without the need to register. If you want to seek the advice of your peers, export service providers and organisations such as DIT, HMRC and many more, you can register for a user account and post a question to the Q&A and get direct responses from a whole range of people.

Anyone who registers as an export service provider is able to post articles, events and opportunities at this time. We hope soon to enable exports to share their experiences online and publish these on the site.

We do not vet, approve or moderate any content that is published on the site by users. We ask all users who contribute to the site to comply with our terms and conditions and respect our content guidelines. If you feel any content on this site is inappropriate or outside the guidelines we will investigate all reports promptly, and will remove any content deemed to be inappropriate.

All registered users of Open to Export are required to provide their registered company address, however we do not run any further background checks on the users who are registering. If content or behaviour on the site contravenes the site terms and conditions or content guidelines we reserve the right to remove any users. Anyone can report inappropriate content and we will investigate all reports promptly, and will remove any content deemed to be inappropriate.

When a question is posted, we ask for a few basic pieces of information to help us understand the nature of the question, such as the topic or country it relates to. We then match this question to the profiles of our export service providers and industry experts, to ensure the question is targeted to the people who are best placed to answer.

We can’t offer any guarantees on response time to questions. However, we are working to build the community of export service providers and industry experts to give you the best chance of getting a swift response from someone ‘in the know.

We will publish all responses in your open to export account. You can also set up preference to receive email notifications of responses.

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