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We encourage our users to submit comments, ratings, reviews and photographs, sharing their genuine experiences. We ask users to share our values and abide by a few rules. Use of Our Website is subject to these Community Rules, Our Privacy Policy and the Conditions of Using Our Website (“Conditions of Use”), and is limited to people who are at least 18 years of age. We may modify these Community Rules from time to time by updating them online.

Our content manager will review submitted content to ensure it matches our conditions and policies and will be entitled to remove or modify submissions that don’t do this. You will be contacted by the content manager should it be found your content needs modifying to fit the guidelines, or if the content is not seen as abiding by them at all The content manager’s decision regarding whether your content is suitable for the site or not is final.

Be honest and helpful

The entire community is better served if users provide honest and helpful information for the benefit of other users.

Double check before you hit submit

Remember that the content you submit becomes visible to anyone who visits the site, so check what you’re posting meets our Conditions of Use and is something you’re happy to be associated with.

Speak as you’d like to be spoken to

Abusive and offensive behaviour, towards users, will not be tolerated. Users should further not post information that is obscene, vulgar, harassing, sexually oriented or degrading. If you see someone being abusive or otherwise offensive, please Contact Us.

Respect people’s privacy

Users should not post personally identifiable information of themselves or anyone else. We expect users to join us in protecting people’s privacy and not to post personal information, about themselves or anyone else. Personal information includes people’s names (full or partial), email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers, as well as bank and card details.

Respect copyright and other intellectual property rights

Anything you share with our community should be your own, unique work. Please do not post content you do not own the copyright to or otherwise do not have the right to post. This includes photos, video clips, music as a video soundtrack and unattributed quotes. Content will be removed if we receive a complaint from the copyright owner. Users should also not post any content that infringes another’s trademarks or other proprietary rights. If you would like to report a copyright violation or any infringement of intellectual property rights, please see our Defamation, Copyright and Trademark Infringement Policy.

How to make a complaint / contact us

If you have a problem or a query about a comment on Our Website, please Contact Us.

How to report abusive or inappropriate content/behaviour

You can flag abusive or indecent Content for removal by using the Contact Us link. All user generated content posted on Our Website must comply with both the guidance herein and, the Conditions of Use.

We reserve the right to remove any content which, and/or suspend or cancel the account of any user who, breaches these rules or for any other reason at our sole discretion.

Last updated: 23 January 2014.

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