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Welcome to the new Open to Export blog

Open to Export has launched a brand new blog page to house a range of content to help first-time exporters keep abreast of the big news and developments in international trade. The blog will also feature some of the great thoughts and opinions from our community of partners, members and willing contributors.

Our main site will continue to host expert advice and informative guides to help educate first-time exporters about the key facets of exporting along our 5 step journey – Getting started, Selecting a market, Reaching customers, Pricing and getting paid, and Delivery and documentation.

The blog will host content that informs Open to Export members about key international trade developments, informative insights, exporter experiences and much more.

So while the main site will continue to provide free high quality, expert-written education pieces, the blog will provide a mouthpiece for the wider community to share their experiences, thoughts and updates.

We’ve been open to content submissions for a long time, but the blog is a great avenue for many of new and existing contributors to send in new content.

Please do get in touch with us if you’re interested in submitting content to the blog!

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