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The UK’s largest exports to Europe

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This series of infographics revealing plenty about UK exports into Europe. It’s clear that the UK will need a continued trading relationship with the continent following Brexit. While SMEs are advised to look beyond the EU as a way of mitigating risk throughout the upcoming Brexit years, finding ways to continue healthy business relationships in the continent is also a must. 

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Like most companies, will likely be effected for good or for bad by article 50, which will see the UK leave the European Union. With the article set to be triggered, we wanted to take a look at what the UK currently trades with our neighbouring European Union members.

Breakdown of top UK exports by sector

What does Britain actually export? Considering the size of the UK compared to some of our main competitors, there are still some areas where we compete overseas. For instance, the UK is currently a top vehicle exporter, we typically export more vehicles then we import. We also comfortably export high end industry machinery, pharmaceuticals and gems.

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Breakdown of top UK exports by products

Going further into what the UK exports, the top export being car at £33.4 Billion, which isn’t surprising when you consider the number of top car manufacturers, such as Nissan, VW and BMW to name just a few.

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Top 5 UK Exports by European country

Next, we look at the top exports to the UK’s largest European trade partners. In the lead is Germany, who we export a £35.8 billion worth of products making up 10.7% of the UKs exports. These products consist of machinery, vehicles, aircraft, pharmaceuticals and electronic appliances.

uk exports germany and france

uk exports netherlands and ireland

uk exports switzerland and belgium

uk exports italy and spain

uk exports by value

Beyond the EU

If you’re keen to mitigate risk for your business following Brexit, check out our Beyond the EU webinar series. The series features market introductions to Russia, Latin America, North America and the Commonwealth. 

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