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Enterprise Europe Network share their case study about the international growth of which shows how understanding how European legislation works can help your business to grow.

Enterprise Europe case study

 Born in 2011, has grown from a small business with a handful of users to a service that tens of thousands of people trust to handle over 750,000 bookings a month. Providing booking software that integrates with your Google or iCloud Calendar, or both, it gives a personalised scheduling page so your customers can book you online. With clients in a range of different sectors, from university to beauty, the system has a wide appeal.

For its next steps in growth, needed to secure employees and add more stability to its internal operations. wanted to know more about employment contracts, and employment legislation in Spain.  In particular, they needed to know how to promote their Spanish workers (residents and contractors) to employees of their company and set them up on a Spanish payroll system. They came to us for advice and information, and access to our international network.

Bridget Harris, CEO and co-founder said “the Enterprise Europe Network helped us set up operations in Spain and Ireland by offering advice on local legislation and introducing us to their local networks there. What has been critical is being able to trust their impartial and professional advice on things. They have been both knowledgeable and responsive, and we wouldn’t have been able to move so quickly without them.” now has more stability in its Spanish internal operations and is continuing to expand globally.

Background is a UK based company specialising in scheduling solutions via the web.

Their online booking service has helped set up hundreds of thousands of meetings, appointments and get-togethers for users and their customers all around the world. will link direct either to a Google or iCloud calendar, or both.

We connected them to our local Spanish Enterprise Europe Network colleagues, who provided the information they needed about Spanish employment legislation. As the two contractors wanted to employ were based in Seville and Barcelona, our Spanish colleague was also able to provide contacts of payroll providers in these regions. have now taken on the Spanish contractors as employees of their company and have successfully engaged with a Spanish payroll company to assist them with this.

We have helped with further queries on taking on employees in Germany and Ireland and have been able to provide similar information using network colleagues in these two countries.

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