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Food and drink exporter case study: Ormos Foods

Who are Ormos Foods?

Ormos Foods are specialty suppliers of top quality Greek and Mediterranean food products.

They are a team of energetic people driven by the passion to share authentic and contemporary Greek and Mediterranean culinary treasures. 

They are restaurant, hotel and café suppliers in London and the UK. Ormos import authentic Greek and Mediterranean food and servicing customers as wholesale distributors. Additionally Ormos Foods distribute Greek goods to a number of independent supermarkets, convenience stores and local delis.

Website: http://ormosfoods.com/

Presenters: Achilleas Athanasiou Fragkoulis

What is the business and where are you now with your export plans?

We’ve received a few requests and there is interest for our products but we’ve not yet fulfilled our first order. International companies are asking about us and asking if they can see our products as they like them.

How has the Action Plan helped Ormos Foods?

The thing with the Export Action Plan is that a lot of the questions in it are the bits and pieces you consider individually but it’s not until you put it all together in one place coherently that you realise you have a complete export strategy.

When you begin you don’t think you have a strategy, but when you get through it and you can start to set deadlines and start setting specific goals to get people moving and the exports moving, a strategy emerges.

And how have you found the experience of the competition today?

Really thrilled just to be here and it’s really interesting to see what all the other companies are doing. There’s lot of different companies, and despite them manufacturing or selling different products, they’ve identified the same trends in the markets and are thinking how to get into those markets. It’s always interesting to see what other companies are working on and struggling with.

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