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Opportunities in Romania for UK exporters

UK ambassador to Romania urges more cooperation between Romania and UK: What you need to know for exporting to Romania

The UK ambassador’s recent visit to Timisoara, one of the largest Romanian cities and the Timis
County Seat, for the opening of a regional British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) office, highlighted some important aspects of the current economic ties between the 2 countries. Paul Brummell mentioned there are approximately 100 British companies operating out of Timis County in sectors such as IT (which is seeing the highest growth), translation, vinification, etc., and urged for increased relations.

What British companies need to know

British companies seeking to initiate or develop trade relations with Romania should be aware that Romania has:

  • one of the highest economic growth rates in Europe in 2016
  • a large pool of qualified, multilingual personnel
  • reduced operating costs compared to Western Europe
  • a strategic geographical position with a potential to opening up markets in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Russia, CIS, the Middle East.

Tips for exporting to Romania

There are some important aspects that companies considering exporting to Romania should know:

  • British goods generally enjoy a good reputation in Romania.
  • High income and university-trained population is chiefly gathered around large cities like Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Brasov, Constanta, Iasi.
  • The Romanian legal system is based on the French one and therefore can be quite different from the Anglo-Saxon legal system.
  • Finding an appropriate local partner/representative/consultant can be crucial when it comes to dealing with marketing, HR, accounting, and legal topics. Furthermore, there are significant cultural differences between the UK and Romania and it is only through local expertise that these can be addressed.
  • If having qualified personnel, or targeting urban, high-income population, or having easy access to transportation is essential for an exporter, then the major cities already mentioned should be considered proper locations. All of them host universities and international airports (Constanta has the added benefit of having a seaport).
  • If minimising costs is essential, rural areas and smaller cities in the eastern and southern parts of Romania should be considered proper locations for where to start.

For more information on how to export, find a partner or set up shop in Romania, please contact the author.

You can also read the Institute of Exports Doing Business in Romania guide for more tips.

About the author

Paul Movileanu
Having an educational background in languages and business administration and professional experiences as project manager, foreign language teacher, freelance translator, and lately sales, I am focused on finding business opportunities that relate to my home country Romania and helping companies and individuals who wish to initiate or develop business relations with Romanian counterparts.


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