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Open to Export webinar series on Export Controls (March – April)

export controls
Open to Export is hosting a series of webinars on export controls.

Either side of Easter, Open to Export will be hosting a series of webinars on the topic of Export Controls entitled ‘Overcoming barriers to trade – what you need to know about Export Controls’.

The Department of Business, Innovations and Skills will be leading the presentations, giving tips and a practical overview on the issues of identifying if your product is on an export controls list, whether you will need an export license, and how to attain one.

The first webinar, on March 21st, will give a general overview and introduction to the major issues and processes around export controls. It takes place at 3:00 pm and you can register for the webinar for free here.

This webinar will be followed by three further webinars in April covering these key aspects of Export Controls and Licenses:

  • Tuesday 12th April 2016 2pm – How do I know if my goods are on a control list? – Register now
  • Thursday 14th April 2016 2:30pm– What licence do I need to export? – Register now
  • Tuesday 26th April 2016 2pm– Applying for export licences – what you need to know – Register now

You should also note that there are different types of export controls. These webinars will be referring to Strategic Export Control lists. To find out about the different control lists which might affect your export plans, read this gov.uk guide.

We also would like to refer you to two separate webinars being run by Tech UK and delivered by Richard Tauwhare (previously of the Foreign Office), one introducing export controls and sanctions and the other discussing export controls encryption and the cloud.

It should be an informative and engaging month of webinars for first-time exporters looking for help and support in overcoming the barriers obstructing them from hassle-free trade.

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