Export Week 2015

Open to Export does Export Week


At the end of last year Open to Export was on the road touring the UK with UKTI’s Export Week. It was a great opportunity for us to meet SMEs around the country considering export as a route to growth, and as ever, it was great meeting everyone we encountered.

From London to Manchester to Barnsley, teems of innovative and ambitious SMEs met with international trade advisors and the broader export community to get professional trade advise and to familiarise themselves with the support available to them.

Export Week also saw the launch of the new Exporting is Great campaign – a move by the government to further encourage and endorse exporting as a great route to growth in UK businesses. The campaign was launched in Newcastle to great clamour, with Lord Francis Maude giving a speech on why exporting really is great. Open to Export are proud to support the campaign and we hope we can do our bit by helping more small businesses feel ready to start selling overseas.

Export Week 2015

We were largely promoting our Export Action Plan tool at each of the Explore Events, as well as promoting our webinars, Ask the Experts forum, and our free guides and articles. Lesley Batchelor, CEO of Open to Export, gave a seminar in Birmingham on Open to Export’s digital innovations to help more small businesses feel more prepared to start exporting, including the Action Plan tool.

We’d like to say thank you to UKTI for having us on the tour, and to everyone we met, please feel free to get in touch to keep the conversation going.

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