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Meet the judges: Sean Ramsden, Ramsden International

Ahead of the next Export Action Plan competition final, taking place at the Swiss Embassy on November 2nd, we’ve spoken to some the export experts who will be making up the judging panel.

In this fourth instalment, we talk to Sean Ramsden from Ramsden International who will also be speaking at the panel discussion on ‘Best practice in export: Swiss and UK approaches’ following the final…

What are you most looking forward to about judging the Export Action Plan competition this November?

Hearing a high calibre of individuals demonstrate how they intend to expand their international growth strategies through challenging times ahead. Learning how and what makes independent business owners ‘tick’ and want to strive for continued success.

Why do you think competitions like this are so important for the UK’s exporters?

It supports the UK economy, encourages business professionals to ‘get involved’ thus highlighting the level of expertise available within UK export. With today’s fast paced environment, healthy competition is good. We can all learn from one another!

What tips would you give to both the finalists and potential future entrants to the competition about what you look for in a winning export plan?
  • Is your organisation ready to embark on export? I.e.: do you already have enough of a base in the domestic market?
  • Can you convince me that you understand the resourced required, and that these are best employed in an export strategy?
  • Are you balancing an “entrepreneurial” agile approach with a more structured plan?
You’re also participating in the best practice in export panel discussion afterwards. What are the major thoughts around best practice in export that you’re anticipating yourself offering?
  • Know your product / business inside and out – be clear about your USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • Conduct your competitor analysis early – it’s amazing what you’ll learn that will help guide your next move.
  • Speak to your employees, engage and share – they are also championing your brand.
  • Lean on your professional networks such as the Department for International trade for support and guidance.
  • Be realistic when forecasting your financial requirements.

For more information about the upcoming Export Action Plan final, go to the competition page here.

We are extremely grateful to Sean Ramsden for his participation in both the showcase final and the evening panel discussion.

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