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Interview with an Indian food importer

Case study: Indian Food Importer

By Richie Santosdiaz

UK companies, when entering a new market, will often find it difficult to understand the business landscape there. This can include anything from market intelligence to finding the right partner to the process of delivering the good or service to market.

We look at a case study where I had the opportunity to interview a food importer, Amit Lohani, from Delhi, India.

Amit is the founder of Max Foods Inc, an Indian-based importer of major FMCG brands from across the world. He is also a founding director of the Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI).

We hear from Amit about his experience both having his own import business as well as being a founding director of FIFI, his experience with working with UK companies, as well as some advice on entering the Indian market for UK companies.

Forum of Indian Food Importers

Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI); is a not for profit organization, which is not involved in buying and selling directly. FIFI has prowess in providing comprehensive knowledge on Indian Food & Beverage market, food safety regulations, legal metrology requirements, assistance with labelling requirement basis the Indian regulations, backward integration, cold chain logistics, business enhancements, market exploration, organized retail studies, and online retail evaluations.

An APEX chamber representing over 15,000 food importers, retailers, hoteliers, and other stakeholders in India, FIFI provides a diligent informative data bank on Food & Beverage trade in country and projects an efficacious knowledge network in country through its composite interactions with various stakeholders.


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