How Brexit could affect the UK’s role in developing future standards

Read a report by Enterprise Europe Network on how the UK’s roles in developing future standards could be affected by Brexit.

Ahead of our webinar on Brexit on January 17thEnterprise Europe Network have shared a report on the likely impact of the UK’s exiting the EU on its role in developing future standards. The post reports on a recent webinar hosted by the British Standards Institute, BSI, on how the UK’s involvement in setting future standings could be affected.

The key takeaways from the webinar were that:

  1. Following the result of the UK referendum there will be a transition period. While negotiations are on-going, it is business as usual for BSI, including all aspects of standards making, policy and strategy work.
  2. BSI’s ambition is that the UK should continue to participate in the European Standardization System, with BSI as a full member of CEN and CENELEC.
  3. BSI is confident that a UK exit from the EU will not affect BSI’s membership of ISO, IEC and ETSI.

You can read the full report here.

Enterprise Europe Network will be speaking on our webinar on the 17th in which you can find out about the potential ramifications of the negotiations this year and how UK businesses can already start to prepare for them. You can register to the session here.

Further afield we are hosting a webinar series of markets ‘Beyond the EU‘ for SMEs looking to diversify risk and enter into markets outside of Europe.

Keep up-to-date with all the latest insights into how Brexit might affect UK exporting here.

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