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Global Digital Marketing – How to increase international sales in 2018

Thomas Caulton – Digital Marketing Executive – at Dijitul walks you through global digital marketing and gives you actionable tips on how you can increase your international sales in 2018.

What is Global Digital Marketing?

Global digital marketing is the process of ensuring your products/services are being found in the countries you ship to or serve. When it comes to global digital marketing you have to setup your website so that foreign search engines can easily identify which countries you serve and which language to show.

Does your Business Need Global Digital Marketing?

Most businesses who ship their products or offer their services to foreign countries aren’t even aware this is possible. Global marketing is for you if you match any of the following:

  • Your customer base is worldwide
  • Your customers speak multiple languages
  • If your business is located in multiple countries

Your Global Digital Marketing Blueprint

  • Check your sites current (total and organic) traffic data from other countries and languages. This will help you focus your efforts on high potential locations. You can view this data in Google Analytics.
  • Audit your websites current organic search visibility from other countries. You can do this with SEMRush and other tools.
  • Research the countries favourite search engine. For example, if you’re wanting to expand your business into China, you’d be better suited to optimise for the search engine Baidu, not Google.
  • Identify keywords and research the search volumes for the relevant keywords in each country and language. You can do this with the Google AdWords Keyword Planner and SEMRush.
  • Understand your international audiences behaviour, characteristics, cultural profile & demographics.
  • Identify and analyse your industry competition in your chosen international country.
  • Devise a site structure based on your targeting and characteristics.
  • Localise the content and structure of your website to meet the needs of the country you’re targeting.
  • Link between your different country/language versions of your website with a crawlable and visible menu. It’s important to not automatically redirect your users to a specific version.
  • Specify the language of the country you’re targeting to your content by adding the “content-language” meta tag in your HTML.
  • Promote your services/products within your target location to build links, earn popularity and grow trust.
  • Create and manage social profiles for the specific countries you’re targeting.
  • Devise a PPC campaign for your chosen country for faster search engine placements.

Follow the blueprint above, and you will soon start to see your international sales increase. How do you perform your global digital marketing and what are the tactics you use to grow your brand internationally? Let us know on social media.

Good luck!

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