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Digital transformation takes centre stage at CeBIT 2017 – the Global Event for Digital Business. As the world’s foremost event devoted to the digitalization of business, administration and society, CeBIT 2017 will focus on the wealth of opportunities inherent in the digital transformation. Humanoid robots, self-driving cars, automated factories and drone deliveries are just a few examples of how the digital transformation is reshaping our economy and society more than any other advance in the history of technology. The keynote theme at CeBIT 2017, “d!economy – no limts”, reveals the enormous potential of digitalisation.

The show features an annual line up of over 3,000 exhibitors and attracts some 200,000 visitors to its home base in Hannover, Germany. The spotlight is on all the latest advances in fields such as artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, virtual and augmented reality, humanoid robots and drones. Trending topics like Big Data, Cloud Applications, the Internet of Things, Mobile Solutions, Security and Social Business are covered in a rich array of application scenarios. Thanks toCeBIT’s special mix of exhibits, conferences and networking opportunities, it is a perennial must on the calendars of IT solution providers and users from around the globe. The startup scene also receives major emphasis at CeBIT, with the SCALE 11 showcase sporting more than 400 aspiring young enterprises.

Open to Export have secure some complimentary tickets which you can access by clicking on the following link: click here

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