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Exporter case study: Genevieve Sweeney

The first in a series of case studies of exporters from the East of England, featuring our recent Export Action Plan finalists from the region. In this instalment, we talk to the winners – Genevieve Sweeney.

Who is Genevieve Sweeney?

Genevieve Sweeney is a premium British knitwear label based in Clavering, Essex. The label fuses contemporary design with heritage knitting techniques to reinvigorate and support the uk knitting industry


Presenters: Genevieve Sweeney

Where are you now with your export plans?

I launched the label 18 months ago and set it up predominantly online. Within 6 months I gained renowned stockists in the UK, like Fortnum & Mason, and gained great global press with publications such as Vogue Brazil, Elle Canada and the Sunday Times and Telegraph. This helped to spread the story of the brand and increase brand awareness. From amazing press I gained sales from the US and now it is really become a strong market for me. It’s been going really well for the first 18 months and now the next step is to enter the USA market and really plan for a strong campaign.

How has the Action Plan helped Genevieve Sweeney?

It’s great to get your thoughts down and for making you take the time to think about the next steps. I write plans down in notebooks and different bits of paper if I get an idea and as it grows those bits of paper sometimes get lost. The Action Plan is great for actually sitting down, thinking things through, asking yourself questions and setting a plan.

And how have you found the experience of the competition today?

It’s been great to meet other entrepreneurs from other sectors, which are completely different from each other. We all have different businesses and export strategies and its eye opening to see what they’re doing.

How the Export Action Plan helps you

The Open to Export Action Plan is a FREE and EASY to use online planning tool for small businesses planning to sell overseas.

Generate your Export Action Plan as a PDF report to share with your chosen adviser for a more productive journey to export success.

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