FSB Export article

FSB guide to export opportunities for UK SMEs following Brexit

FSB Export article
The FSB are founding partners of Open to Export.

Following last week’s report by the FSB on the ‘new export landscape‘ following Brexit, this week share with you another FSB guide. This time it’s on some of the opportunities available to UK SMEs within this new international trade situation.

It covers everything from how tariffs and harmonised taxes could change when selling into Europe to an overview of some of the most popular markets outside of the EU.

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It also features case studies about exporters like Marantech, Bathroom Origins, The English Cream Tea Company, Studio B and Papersmiths.

It also points out the FSB’s recommendations for the government about the shape Brexit should take. The FSB have called for the government to ensure that the negotiations with the EU provide:

  • Easy access to European single markets
  • Ability to hire the right people
  • Impact on EU-funded schemes
  • Clarity on the future regulatory framework

The FSB are a founder partner of Open to Export and we will both endeavour to give you all the information you need to do international business whatever shape Brexit takes.

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