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Creative meets Tech: four three six

The creative and tech sectors are two of the UK’s most exciting and dynamic for exporting. In the second of a series of case studies looking at businesses carrying the flag for the UK overseas, we look at four three six.

Who are four three six?

four three six remix underground culture.  Taking it’s name from the length in minutes and seconds of a remix by it’s founder, the project is about remixing the concept of a record label, a clothing label and a brand. We do this by taking elements of electronic music, urban art and streetwear and turning them into a product that represents the true underground.


Presenters: Andy McAllister

Where are you now with your exporting plans?

We’re a mix between being a record label, fashion label and art curator. The main thing today is that we sell wearable releases. We get a producer to make an EP and then pass that onto a street artist to create art inspired by the music; we screen print the art onto the front of a t-shirt and in the inside we stitch a code which you can download the music from – the music that inspired the art you’re wearing.

The competition process has made me think big about export, and given me the confidence and resources to hit the Japanese market head on.

How has the Action Plan helped?

It made me focus on where we want to be and it helped me to focus my brand messaging. Having to do a presentation also helps to make me talk about the business in a way that people will understand.

And how have you found the experience of the competition today?

Everything’s been nice – pitching was nerve-wracking but I got through it!

How the Export Action Plan helps you

The Open to Export Action Plan is a FREE and EASY to use online planning tool for small businesses planning to sell overseas.

Generate your Export Action Plan as a PDF report to share with your chosen adviser for a more productive journey to export success.

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