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Why exporting needs to be treated as a skill – new two part feature

Open to Export has released a new 2 part feature on the importance of taking exporting seriously as a professional skill and the importance of education towards this.

Read the feature – now on our Getting Started page – to discover:

  • Why we now need to take exporting seriously
  • Why businesses need to treat exporting as a skill
  • Meeting the need for export education
  • The career opportunities provided by specialising in international trade
  • Promoting professionalism in international trade

Why you need to treat exporting as a skill

The UK’s exporting situation is going to change significantly as we begin to leave the EU. Businesses are increasingly looking beyond the EU at new markets around the world. As they do so they will begin to encounter new technical requirements when they send goods overseas. You will need to have a much greater awareness of how new controls and licenses their products may be affected by and new costs involved in sending goods overseas.

The Institute of Export and International Trade

The second part describes why the The Institute of Export and International Trade is the ideal organisation for businesses to join and learn about exporting through. In the new ‘Global Britain’ era, businesses should take note of their range of professional qualifications designed to meet the needs of anyone with an interest in a career in international trade. At the IOE&IT, options cater for those who have no experience through to individuals who wish to enhance their career prospects with a business degree.

Open to Export continues to provide free information and introductory guides to businesses looking at exporting for the first time. But, if you’re truly looking to scale international growth there comes a point at which investing time in exporting know-how is worth the time and money.

taking exporting seriously

Find out why you need to start taking exporting seriously

Read the feature to discover why exporting needs to be treated seriously and find out why doing so could be an exciting opportunity for your business and yourself personally.

Part 1: Why we need to start taking exporting seriously

Part 2: Why export education and professionalism is key

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