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Exporter Case Study: YoYo Let’s Go Ltd

We recently hosted our 10th Export Action Plan Competition final in London, with Age Check Certification Services Ltd taking home the £3000 cash prize sponsored by Bibby Financial Services. Since then, we’ve interviewed 10 finalists about their export plans and tips. Here we talk to YoYo Let’s Go.

Company name: YoYo Let’s Go

Website: www.yoyoletsgo.co.uk

Representative: Lorraine Turner

What does your company do at the moment and what’s next?

Developing new technology for a UK launch, prior to an international launch in 18-24 months.

How are the exports going?

Not exporting at present.

How has the Export Action Plan helped with your exports?

It helped to define some areas for research, tax and payment issues.

How have you found the experience of the final today?

Interesting – it’s good to see other businesses and producers and how they’re approaching export.

What tips would you give to other new exporters?
  1. Do an Open to Export plan
  2. Speak to your local DIT advisor
  3. Visit websites for more information

About YoYo Let’s Go Ltd!

YoYo Let’s Go Ltd was created to address the lack of good quality tourism guides for families. The product has been designed alongside tourism academics and game developers in Cambridge to engage young visitors with heritage, culture & events, and make it easier for parents to plan trips. The business aims to address under & over tourism issues within cities and surrounding areas by providing signposting & support to ‘off-the-beaten-track’ venues and promoting local businesses. 

The YoYo Let’s Go innovative concept aims to harness children’s interest in gaming while creating educational, family and outdoor experiences. Unlike traditional guides, or online services such as TripAdvisor or GoogleVisit, YoYo Let’s Go is written and designed specifically for the family market, and will use AR and immersive tech to encourage children’s learning and engagement with cities’ heritage. We’ve undertaken research within the tourism industry which will shape how our product can encourage and motivate visitor choices. The business will also deliver visitor behaviour data to tourism organisations to provide valuable research data on patterns of behaviour and visitor engagement.

With the support of the REACTOR programme at Anglia Ruskin University, the product has been designed using game mechanics to encourage repeat visits to the product, and cities, and encourage exploration of new learning areas.

The Cambridge product is currently at MVP stage, available via the AppStore & GooglePlay. The, product design has been fulfilled by games industry art directors, and the new business models and value propositions have been developed with Innovate2Succeed.

Following a new stage of development, we will launch to a further five UK cities before a second launch to cities worldwide. We are currently working with European immersive tech consultants to build the product, and seek franchisee recruitment and support services beyond the UK for the full product launch.

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