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Exporter case study: WooHa Brewing Company

On 7 June 2018 we ran our 8th Export Action Plan competition with BubbleBum (UK) Limited taking home the £3000 cash prize.

In the latest of our finalist case studies, we speak to Wooha Brewing Company about their export plans and their tips for future entrants to the competition.

What does your company do at the moment and what’s next?

We make unfined, bottle conditioned craft beer with a focus on its Scottish origins for the export (our main focus) and domestic markets. Looking forward, we intend to build on our success and keep expanding our reach, particularly into new US States.

How are the exports going?

With a focus on export from the outset, our exports have been going well! Recently, we have discovered some opportunities from unexplored and unexpected markets, while other areas have grown slower than expected. It’s all about staying flexible and learning as you go.

How has the Export Action Plan helped with your exports?

The export Action Plan has helped us focus in on market where we need to develop our knowledge. It has helped reinforce the need to pay attention to all potential markets, not just the “big fish”

How have you found the experience of the final today?

It’s been really good to see what other companies are doing and being reminded of the fact that there isn’t just one set way to approach export, you have to find one that suits your product and your company.

What three tips would you give to other new exporters?

  1. Do your research; don’t be afraid to ask, don’t be afraid to get on a plane.
  2. Keep an open mind.
  3. Don’t assume knowledge – get the facts.

Enter your Export Action Plan into the Open to Export International Business Awards for the chance to win $5000 at a showcase final in Geneva this October. 

About WooHa Brewing Company

WooHa Brewing Company is a brewery based in Moray, Scotland. Founded in 2015, we have five beers in our core range; WooHa Porter, WooHa Lager, WooHa IPA, WooHa Wheat, and WooHa Blonde.

The beers themselves have won a number of awards including a 3-star Great Taste award for our WooHa Wheat and “Scottish Brewery of the Year” at last year’s New York International Beer Competition. But it is our company as a whole that we pride ourselves on, with our bold approach to new markets and a confidence to take risks and make our own path. We also pride ourselves on fostering a company culture that encourages innovation and adaptability.

We believe in investing in our people and hire on attitude instead of skill, providing a robust training and development plan for all our staff. In July 2017 WooHa Brewing Company successfully relocated to its new 6.2 acre site, allowing the company to increase capacity five-fold.


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