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Exporter case study: Sundried

The sixth in a series of case studies of exporters from the East of England, featuring our recent Export Action Plan finalists from the region. In this instalment, we talk Sundried.

Who are Sundried?

Sundried is founded by Daniel Puddick a personal trainer, triathlete and father who wants to create a brand that his children will be proud to be associated with in 15 years time. We strongly believe the next generation will be focused on low carbon and ethical production. The fast fashion industry means they have little to no choice but to try and fix things. We do not want the next generation to look at us and question why we sat back and let awful processes slip through our business. 

The brand ethics have been at the forefront of the business. Roxanne Houshmand and Jocelyn Whipple from the Right Project were contracted from late 2014 to ensure Sundried was to be developed the right way. Premium ethical activewear was the goal and the design process followed our learnings on the industry. 

Our product is made in Portugal with European fabrics. When you receive your Sundried purchase it will come with a unique code. Entering the code to our donate website will show the journey of the garment along with a donation to Water for Kids. The donation will let the consumer know exactly what the money will archive. (It is a small charity with only one staff member on the pay, the rest of the staff are all volunteers.) 

At Sundried we are all qualified personal trainers and believe to truly be a fitness and lifestyle brand it is about offering our expert health and wellbeing knowledge not only to our consumer but to all people in the supply chain. How can you possibly call yourself a fitness brand if people in the supply chain can not afford a proper meal?


Presenters: Daniel Mulholland

Where are you now with your exporting plans?

We sell domestically at the moment through Amazon and driving customers through the website and via social media streams. We sell premium ethical active wear. Premium in terms of price and quality and in terms of looking good too. But crucially as well we’re using recyclable and sustainable technology and a completely transparent supply chain.

We’re constantly looking for new materials. We have a new range of products made from the by-products of coffee production. Similar to hemp and how versatile that plant is, rather than burn or landfill the waste from coffee production, we take it into factories. With it we can create a material that has 80-90% of the qualities of the very best synthetic products. For discerning customers it’s a great ethical product.

In addition, Sundried’s functional fitness collection is made using recycled plastic bottles. It’s an incredible way for us to continue to share our ethical ethos and protect the planet. So, what was once rubbish is now sweat wicking, functional and stylish activewear!

How has the Action Plan helped Sundried?

It helped us to focus on where the big opportunities are and also the advice you can get. The advisers on it have either seen or done it personally, or see and advise people every day. It gave us confidence, assurance, and helped us to look at exporting as an adventure. Looking at it as exciting, you realise the potential of your business. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your business domestic, but if you have the opportunity, then the action plan is a great resource to draw on.

And how have you found the experience of the competition today?

There are no negatives. Everyone here is very passionate about doing business and as is often the case with entrepreneurs people want to exchange business cards and encourage each other.

How the Export Action Plan helps you

The Open to Export Action Plan is a FREE and EASY to use online planning tool for small businesses planning to sell overseas.

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