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Exporter Case Study: Sacoma Global Foods Innovation

We recently hosted our 10th Export Action Plan Competition final in London, with Age Check Certification Services Ltd taking home the £3000 cash prize sponsored by Bibby Financial Services. Since then, we’ve interviewed 10 finalists about their export plans and tips. Here we talk to Sacoma Global Foods Innovation.

Company name: Sacoma Global Foods Innovation


Representative: Perez Ochieng

What does your company do at the moment and what’s next?

We are developing new and improved sweet potato products, targeting them at the over 50s ‘silver’ population in the UK and EU.

How are the exports going?

Very well but we need a lot of support with documentation and FX issues.

How has the Export Action Plan helped with your exports?

It’s helped us to identify the gaps that we need to work on in order for our business to be fully prepared to export. It’s helped us to allocate budgets as well. The plan has also helped us to identify the knowledge gap and the courses we now need to take up at the IOE&IT such as Introduction to Exporting.

How have you found the experience of the final today?

Great – there are also great networking opportunities and potential collaborations.

What tips would you give to other new exporters?

Do the action plan an opener to help identify the gaps and figure out where you need to allocate budgets.

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