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Exporter case study: Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd.

In the latest of our exporter case studies following the recent Export Action Plan competition final, we talk to Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m David Sheridan from a company called Lifestyle Services Corporation and today’s presentation was around a project we created called The Human Algorithm which looks at difficult and complex problems that have come to scale like weight, obesity, depression, anxiety and so on.

We’re looking to use our product to see if we can come to a different understanding of these problems and use that to design and provide better solutions that are more effective over the medium to long term.

In terms of export, where are Lifestyle Services Corporation at the moment?

Our project is completely self-funded without any grants from anyone else so it’s been difficult. Once we can get out there and get exposure, then we can start to get money. When we get to a stage of having positive cashflow the picture changes.

How has the action plan helped?

It helps you to sit and answer questions that you really do need to answer. With some of the parts of it, we couldn’t fill it in because we’re looking at exporting IP – licensing, joint ventures and so on – where as a lot of other people are manufacturing something and shipping it.

In terms of Brexit, how are you looking at it at the moment?

I don’t think we’ll be affected because we’re working with IP and are somewhat different from other companies in that way. We’d be working in different currencies anyway and if we can get a foothold in a country then the money we’d make from that we’d be looking to reinvest within that country. I can’t see it being an issue.

I also did vote to leave because for me the EU has only ever made sense as a trading bloc.


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