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Exporter Case Study: Adjacency Group

We recently hosted our 10th Export Action Plan Competition final in London, with Age Check Certification Services Ltd taking home the £3000 cash prize sponsored by Bibby Financial Services. Since then, we’ve interviewed 10 finalists about their export plans and tips. Here we talk to Adjacency Group.

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Company name: Adjacency Group


Representative: Adam Connolly

What does your company do at the moment and what’s next?

We develop, and take to market, innovative new technologies.

How are the exports going?

We’re at the start of the journey.

How has the Export Action Plan helped with your exports?

It’s given us a framework to think about the necessary next steps. It’s also helped us to focus on key markets by clarifying pros and cons of each one.

How have you found the experience of the final today?

Really positive.

What tips would you give to other new exporters?
  1. Understand how you’ll finance stock and get paid
  2. Meet prospects in person
  3. Get on a plane and get local insight

About Adjacency Group

We’re a start-up with expertise in taking innovative new consumer products and technologies to market.

We partner with brands to help them develop, launch, scale, and operate in new product categories; uniquely in our field, we take an active role in developing and owning the new technologies which underpin these products.

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