2 little Boys

Export Action Plan Case Study: Two Little Boys

Business: Two Little Boys, Chiswick, London.

Two Little Boys Ltd was set up in 2002 by mother of Irish triplets, Sarah Watts. Having had three babies in a single year, she realised that there was an enormous gap in the market for intelligent, well designed and often quite silly, products for children. As she says of the time, “contrary to current belief, children can appreciate good design and if parents are going to be forced to play a game of snap for weeks on end, at least give them something nice to look at!”

She set up Two Little Boys Ltd to create activity books, beautiful, educational snap cards as well as stunning memory books that take as little precious parent time as possible but will last a lifetime. And as her little ones have grown, so has the company.


Sarah Watts, founder

2 little Boys
Sarah Watts, founder of 2 Little Boys.

When and why did the business decide to export?

We started in 2009 then pulled back because of the global financial crisis. After detecting growing optimism at trade shows, we relaunched our export drive in March 2015.

What is the company’s export vision?

To be a recognisable, leading brand in all our operating territories.

How did you find out about Open to Export?

By Googling ‘government help export’. OtE has been fantastic – we have tapped into free help and advice and attended its very useful seminars (again free). We also found out about the Explore Export events through them, where we picked up tips and made great contacts. One of these inspired us to enter the huge Mexican gifting market, which we hadn’t even thought of, and which is now generating healthy orders. After many years as a taxpayer, I finally feel that I am receiving some return on my spend!

How useful – and in what way – did you find the Export Action Plan?

It is marvelous at concentrating our thought processes and is an essential aid for any company’s export planning and strategies.

How has/will the plan help accelerate your export goals?

It can be worked through at a speed that suits anyone and any individual companies’ circumstances. This means that you can progress in methodical ‘bitesize chunks’ – which suits us as we are already hugely busy satisfying domestic market demands – or go for rapid global domination.

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