Clare Campbell Prickly Thistle

Export Action Plan Case Study: Prickly Thistle

Business: Prickly Thistle Scotland Ltd, Culbokie – designs and produces bespoke tartans inspired by individuals’ heritage

Clare, and her family live on the Black Isle and this is where she nurtures her passion for the Highlands, for Scotland and all things tartan. Clare’s ambition is to share these passions with the world through a company she has founded, Prickly Thistle.

Prickly Thistle empowers clients as the co-author on a tartan journey, a journey that provides them with a very unique experience. From creating a story telling tartan design to breathing life into their cloth and tailored product collection.

Clare believes that we all long for a sense of belonging and a unique identity, and this matters to us all around the world. For her nothing says it more than a bespoke tartan, it is the worlds identity cloth….


Clare Campbell, Founder Director

Clare Campbell Prickly Thistle
Clare Campbell presents for Prickly Thistle at the IFB2016.

When and why did the business decide to export?

The business idea was always based on creating an export brand for Scottish Tartan Textiles, one that would add to the sector that has sadly seen many years of contraction.  This first year has been focused on building the name and project case studies, part of preparing for the international reach.

What is the company’s export vision?

The vision is to create a new brand in tartan design, one that has a specific focus on a niche luxury sector that is to supply the growing Private Jet and Private Yacht industries with customised cloth designs, of course Made in Scotland.

How did you find out about Open to Export?


How useful did you find the Export Action Plan?

It is a fantastic tool.  When you are a small business, it is a times hard working your way through the noise of “how to”.  This tool really focuses on the essentials and allows you to complete this without feeling you must spend months of research and advice from several sources.  In a relatively short time you have a great road map to build upon.

How has/will the plan help accelerate your export goals

This will help me accelerate my goals because of the focus, with focus comes resource efficiencies both in time and money.  Both of which are under pressure when working towards an export vision.

Read more about the June 2016 final here.

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