Premier plant hire

Export Action Plan Case Study: Premier Plant Hire

Following another inspiring Export Action Plan final, we’ve asked each of the finalists about their experiences using the tool and for their export tips for future entrants. In this case study we talk to Premier Plant Hire.

Premier plant hire
Premier Plant Hire present at the Export Action Plan final.

How would you describe your business / what do you sell?

We are developing, manufacturing and selling modular conveyor belts and diesel particulate filters to mainly construction related enterprises.

When and why did the business decide to export?

We decided to export in September 2016 because we needed to open another avenue for growth.

What is the company’s export vision?

The company’s export vision is to find between one and three well established distributors in the USA, once these relationships have been secured we will be looking for other territories to sell to.

How useful did you find the Export Action Plan?

The Export Action plan was very useful as it proved to be a tool that helped us to establish a comprehensive strategic plan in a very short time. This plan has in the meantime been shared with our bank who also valued it.

How has/will the plan help accelerate your export goals?

The Action Plan won’t accelerate our export plans however it has helped us to produce within a short time a comprehensive to do list.

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