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Event Marketing: An Export Focus

Event marketing is one of the best ways to successfully market your company. It’s fresh and exciting and proves a great way to show off the benefits of your business. An event enables your business to reach new potential customers and engage with them. It’s a great form of marketing for businesses across different sectors. After all, it brings people from a specific sector altogether at the same time. They will soon learn all about your brand and it could lead to potential leads and sales.

There are many different types of event marketing you can do for your company. You need to make a plan first of what you want to achieve from your event marketing. That way, you can ensure that you get the most out of the event. It might be the case you want to have an international/export focus when it comes to your event. You could want your brand to move overseas and want your event to help you to meet those clients which will make it happen.

After all, moving your business internationally will help you to make your company global and will open you up to a world of new opportunities. However, making the jump over the border is more complicated than you think. Therefore, here is your guide to event marketing in an international/export focus that will work for your company.

Adjust your marketing tools for the international audience

When you are targeting your event to an international/export focus, you need to first make sure that your marketing tools are going to work for that purpose. After all, you might need to change your main tools to ensure they are appropriate for that specific audience. You might now have tools such as leaflets, brochures and even banner stands which have all been designed with a UK client audience in mind.

Therefore, for the sake of making your event work for the intended purpose, you need to edit the materials. As it says on Small Business, you need to make sure you re-design packaging, product literature and advertising so that it works for that audience. It might be as simple as just translating the language so that the audience is able to understand your brand and product. Or it might be the case you need to review the language and tone so that it works for the countries you want to export to. After all, you don’t want to offend the country with your current tone or use packaging which would just not work in their country.

As discussed on Export, customisation is essential if there are cultural differences affecting the consumption of your product. Therefore, make sure you understand exactly what changes your product and service might need if you do want to export and work on changing your marketing materials to reveal this. In fact, you should do some market research and even visit the countries themselves and attend trade shows so you can know more about how your events should change to accommodate your intended hope of exporting.

Also, remember there are many sites out there where you can easily create new promotional materials for your events. For example, you can use Colour Graphics to invest in new products that will be suitable for your event and will help you to put your main focus on your prospective international clients.

Invite the right people to the event

If you want to conduct event marketing with a focus on international/export, you need to make sure you target the right people. After all, you don’t want potential local clients arriving at the event. You will need to plan out the event so that it’s appropriate for an international audience. Therefore, work out exactly who you want to come to your event. It might be the case you opt for larger companies than a one to one approach. As it says on PCMA, nurture relationships with international multipliers such as trade and professional organisations, media and industry representatives. It will get your name heard in the industry and you will soon have potential leads with international clients.

After all, word of mouth is so important and if you get these bit companies on side, they will soon work their magic in providing you with the contacts you need to help build on your international/export focus for your company. It’s always important to do your research to find out who the most influential people are in the sector before inviting people to your event. That way, you will have the right people at hand for the sake of your event.

Conduct the event online instead

When your business event has an international/export focus, it’s difficult as a lot of your prospective clients will be abroad. They might not be able to come over for the event. However, it’s so important to have engaging events for potential clients so you can win them over. If you can’t get the people you require to attend your event, you could consider going online with the event instead.

You can still tailor your event so it will offer a great way to speak to potential new clients and talk through export opportunities. Just make sure you market it well online and ensure the event is professional to spark potential client’s interest. Check out this article from Inc which gives you an insight into hosting a virtual event.

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