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The internet has become the “go-to” tool for business needing any kind of information: new contacts (customers, suppliers or investors…), country reports, online marketplace or business information.

However, in the digital world we all face the same problem in both the personal and professional world: trust. How do we know if we can trust the other? Whether it is a new supplier or a new customer (or even information!) we can never be sure if they will try to trick us to damage our business. The digital world offers huge potential and provides a quick and easy level of delivery, but at the same time, the levels of trust are quite low.

It was to address this scenario that COBCOE Connects ( was born: an online service designed to help individuals and companies to grow their businesses through easy access to contacts in new markets. But, what makes COBCOE Connects special, different from any other business forum and very useful for all kind of business regardless of size, maturity and sector? The differentiator is the engagement of Chambers of Commerce and in particular the figure of the personal moderator. The platform was launched in collaboration with different Chambers of Commerce, which ensure the platform is a trusted, safe and fruitful marketplace in which to do business.

Any business or individual entrepreneur can join COBCOE Connects and start looking for new contacts to develop their business whilst ensuring they are connecting with trusted members; all participants are members of Chambers of Commerce or new members who have self-registered and then validated. The validation process is carried out by the moderators, members of participating Chambers of Commerce.

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Individuals or business which are not members of any participating Chamber of Commerce are also eligible to join COBCOE Connects, but as mentioned before, they need to be validated previously, to ensure the fulfil the requirements to use the platform and start contacting with current members.

Exporting, then, becomes as easy as sitting in front of your desk and start searching and posting business opportunities. For any business, from any sector, COBCOE Connects becomes a powerful tool to gain new contacts from different parts from the globe.

From another point of view, becoming digital is essential for all businesses – just take that first step to start using the potential of the digital world to expand your business. Joining the COBCOE Connects platform can be the first step of a long adventure in the digital world, in a secure and trusted space without risking money, investing much time or having much knowledge about exporting procedures. The platform is not a substitute for other market research activities like trade missions but a complementary tool which can widen your exporting horizons from your own office.

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