Creative meets Tech: Wustefeld

The creative and tech sectors are two of the UK’s most exciting and dynamic for exporting. In the seventh of a series of case studies looking at businesses carrying the flag for the UK overseas, we look at Wustefeld.

Website: http://www.lilyedinburgh.com/

Presenters: Lily Wüstefeld

Where are you now with your exporting plans?

I’m running a fashion label based in London. I actually export already – I have individual orders in 5 different countries including from Los Angeles, Berlin, Copenhagen, but I’d like to focus on Canada and the USA because I’ll reach other counties through them.

How has the Action Plan helped Wustefeld?

It’s absolutely gorgeous because it brings up vital aspects of exporting like transport, taxation or shipping and it makes you feel you can do it too, not just the big organisations, but the average person who’s running a business by themselves can actually export.

The guidance is so clearly explained which make me feel very comfortable with the technical aspects of exporting.

And how have you found the experience of the competition today?

It’s a very big blessing to see different people coming together with all their experiences and it’s a great encouragement to me. You need different people to come together because that’s when you’re at your most creative.

How the Export Action Plan helps you

The Open to Export Action Plan is a FREE and EASY to use online planning tool for small businesses planning to sell overseas.

Generate your Export Action Plan as a PDF report to share with your chosen adviser for a more productive journey to export success.

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