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Introducing: COBCOE Connects

Starting to export should not be seen as a tough and risky path, but the beginning of a new era of business development in your company or business.

Challenges do exist though. For example, it might be hard to find a new supplier to trust or an importer or distributor to help you to introduce a new product in a new market.

On the one hand, it is normal to face some situations in which you can risk money and invest time without getting anything in exchange. For instance, attending a fair trade, joining direct missions organized by your chamber of commerce, or hiring the services of a business consultancy firm. When these actions cost money and time, as an entrepreneur, you may feel it is not worth the investment.

On the other hand, trust is something highly valued when doing business. You only make business and close deals with agents (suppliers, customers, distributors, importers, etc.) you trust. When you meet these agents through the digital world, it can be hard to believe you’ll trust them completely.

This was the rationale in which COBCOE Connects ( was conceived: a business development oriented platform dedicated to members of British Chambers of Commerce all over the world.

Backed by COBCOE (Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe), and with the help of “moderators” from each international Chamber of Commerce, individuals and business can post their business opportunities and get in contact with other agents interested in their post.

The platform is run under the premise of “creating business in a trusted environment”. Every company joining the platform is evaluated by their local moderator (when they join through a Chamber of Commerce partner of COBCOE), or by the dedicated COBCOE Connects team (when they do not belong to any Chamber of Commerce member of COBCOE). The platform therefore ensures all businesses and opportunities shared on the platform are reliable and concrete.

The platform is the place where everyone can make business anywhere in the world, from SMEs to large businesses. Some of the direct benefits any company can enjoy from the very first moment include:

  • An easy way to access new opportunities in new markets in terms of exporting, finding collaborators, suppliers, etc.
  • Business development thanks to the opportunity to reach a wide range of potential commercial agents (customers, suppliers, partners, investors, etc.).
  • Access to the Kompass Database: biggest supplier of data in the business and enterprise world.
  • Moderators facilitate relations between members and help them to develop business opportunities.
  • Contacts on the platform are selected and evaluated, ensuring a trusted environment and fruitful relations.
  • Delivery reach of digital solutions combined with the accountability and transparency of Chambers of Commerce.
  • Moderators check the data provided by the users of the platform so we verify all the data in the platform is true.

Launched earlier this year, 10 chambers of commerce and their members joined the platform and it is continually growing.

This new platform does not have to be seen as a substitute for other strategies to export and expand your business, but as a complementary, cheaper and less time-consuming tool with which you can begin to open your business to new markets and clients.

Now, it’s up to you to decide if you want to join the digital world and expand your business!

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