Christmas is a time of celebration around the world, not just in the West. This year, we were lucky enough to meet companies from around the world as part of our International Business Awards programme.

We recently spoke to of them about how their business is affected by the festive period.

Lhamour (Mongolia)

As we produce healthy, natural and handmade Mongolian products that are good for the whole family, our products are ideal for the holiday season which includes Christmas, New Year and Mongolian Lunar New Year. Since it is a time of love and family gathering, many people love to give high quality natural products as presents to each other, especially when they are hand-made and made with love. Our product range is very diverse and includes body skincare, facial skincare and other bath products as well as healthy lifestyle products, such as Mongolian rock salt lamps, baby camel wool blankets which are particularly great for the winter time to feel cozy at time.

You can visit our company website at

Sugar Town Organics (St Kitts)

December is a month of celebration, revelry, family get-togethers and food! Here in St. Kitts Nevis we celebrate both Christmas and carnival in December. For us this means the Christmas rush is on, as our island is inundated with returning nationals and locals seeking unique traditional gifts. It is an opportunity for us to in real time see our vision come into play of us creating value by manufacturing ethical products that offer a holistic care approach that addresses our modern lifestyles and its impact on our skin and hair to encourage and inspire healthy lifestyles, while also regenerating our cultural and traditional uses of food and the role it has always played in our lives.

My family on a whole does not celebrate Christmas, however our country does and because carnival starts the very next day Christmas can get a bit lost in the melee, but that one day, that one day December 25th, is a day when families come together for food, stories, reunions, the laying aside of anger and disappointments and just be. The stranger within our gates is not forgotten as families take then in for that day to ensure they are not alone. It is a time when house visits are in full swing as we visit each other offering rum cake and sorrel drink be is spiced, fermented or boiled and we reminisce on the year past and prepare for the year coming but first there is fete and jouvert and culture and history played out in our streets for all to see and be apart of.

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