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Changes to ‘Ask the Experts’

The ‘Ask the Experts’ forum – on which Open to Export users have previously been able to ask questions about the specifics of exporting to an online community of experts – is no longer open to online question submissions.

Instead, we now ask users to use the Institute of Export & International Trade’s ‘Export Helpline’ for specific questions relating to the specifics of exporting that our articles and webinars do not already answer.

You can either access the helpline by becoming a member with the Institute, or by paying for a one-off question.

If the latter, you will gain access to 20 minutes of our experts’ time for just £50+VAT. Use of the helpline is subject to these terms and conditions.

Accessing the helpline

  • Already a member of the Institute? Login here
  • Want to become a member? Sign up here
  • Want to ask just one question? Buy it here

The helpline provides solutions for:

  • Documentation
  • Export controls
  • Bribery Act
  • Customs & VAT Procedures
  • Regulatory and compliance issues
  • Insurance issues
  • Payment terms
  • Transport & logistics
  • I have an order, what should I do?

Meet the experts

Many of the experts answering questions on the helpline have spoken on our previous webinars or contributed to the guides and articles on our site.

You can either read biographies of some of the experts here or read our interviews below:

Previous questions and new FAQs on the site

Previous questions from the forum will remain live on the site, but will be curated over time to ensure that only questions with relevant and up-to-date answers remain live.

We will also be periodically posting ‘FAQ’ style questions using the same format to help enhance the free information and support we provide.

This will include adding FAQs following our monthly webinars. We will add some of the most popular questions we get asked on each month’s topic during and in advance of the session.

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