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Building up to Going Global 2016 – Sovereign Group

Ahead of Going Global next month (November 17-18), I’ve been speaking with some of the presenters about the top topics being covered at this year’s show.

We’re going to be there with our Export Action Plan finalists, and in the first piece building up to Going Global, I ask Ian le Breton and Mark Ray from Sovereign Group what they’ll be presenting on at the show.

What are you talking about and why should attendees take the time to visit your talk?

Specifically we will be talking about how companies can successfully approach China via e-commerce channels.

Why should people come to the presentation? China is the world’s largest e-commerce market and is expected to reach U.S. 1 Trillion dollars by 2019!

More than 85% of brands do not make money on Tmall or other e-commerce platforms in China.

Here’s why:

1) most brands in China are activated by accident;

2) brands believe that platforms like Tmall are the way to activate;

3) China is the only country where a brand may LOSE TO ITSELF.

Every day companies enter China’s e-commerce space. But no matter what they do, they remain confused, gun-shy and unprepared for China. They do not know if their product mix is right or how to choose a competent local partner.

So, people should come to find out what you need to do to be a winner in the world’s largest e-commerce market.

How different is e-commerce in China to the west? How can UK exporters overcome these differences?

The ecosystem is the key difference, as well as a reliance on platforms.  Answering this here would take too long but it will be a major part of the presentation.

You can sign up to Going Global here and you can find out more about Sovereign Group on their website.

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