Ask the Experts Twitter Q&A – Packaging and Documentation

On Friday 26th February, we hosted our second live Twitter Q&A with @JamieHillUK, asking questions about packaging, documentation and international shipping. We asked Jamie questions taken from our forum and via Twitter.

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@OpentoExportHi everyone, welcome to today’s live #AsktheExperts Twitter Q&A with @JamieHillUK – send your quesitons in!

Question 1: Are you using suitable packing materials for shipping your products? 

Suitable packing materials

Question 2: What is considered acceptable proof that goods have been delivered within the EU?

Acceptable proof of delivery

Question 3: How do you know if your items have been packaged securely? 

Secure packaging

Question 4: Is there a form for proof of export for packages addressed to customers in various destinations? 

Proof of export

Question 5: Are you covered with marine insurance? What does marine insurance cover? 

Marine insurance

Question 6: How do you arrange for delivery of customer returns from USA? 

Customer returns

Question 7: Have you issued a UCR number for your export? 

UCR Number

Question 8: Do you have all the required information for your shipping documents? 

Shipping documents

Question 9: Are you including freight costs in your quotes? 

Freight costs

Question 10:  Do you have an agent in place in the country of destination? 

Sales agents

@OpentoExportThanks everyone for your questions and answers on today’s #AsktheExperts with @JamieHillUK


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