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5 Ways You Can Use An Interpreter To Maximise Overseas Business

evi xydia
Evi Xydia, ONCALL Interpreters, tells us why interpreting services are worth the investment.

Overcoming language barriers in business is no easy feat but it’s vital if you want to maximise your opportunities and gain a competitive edge in other markets.

Research has shown that it takes 12 languages to reach 80% of the world’s online audience and 21 to reach 90%* – and these numbers are growing. Understandably, this might sound a little daunting – it’s not often you meet somebody able to converse in a dozen languages. So, how do companies do it?  

To avoid being lost in translation or trying to decipher business etiquette it’s becoming commonplace for businesses to arrange an interpreter. Evi Xydia, Client Services Manager at ONCALL Interpreters, shares five reasons why it’s well worth the investment.

Sales Meetings

First impressions are vital. Having an interpreter in important meetings will help you establish an immediate rapport with attendees and shows a level of commitment from your side.  They’ll also appreciate that you are not insisting that everyone speaks your language.

Account Management

A good relationship with clients takes time and attention. And new clients are more expensive to attract than existing ones are to retain. An interpreter will not only have knowledge of their language but their culture too, leading to better communications and better overseas client retention.

Trade Shows

It’s important to create a positive, global image at international trade shows. You’ll need to answer questions and enquiries on the spot so having an interpreter is vital. Potential pitfalls can be identified and planned for well in advance, meaning you get more out of any shows.


You’ll feel far more confident and self-reliant if you fully understand what speakers and delegates are saying. You’ll gain much more from international conferences if you have an interpreter to help.

Converting Foreign Enquiries

There’s nothing worse than missing a great opportunity so it’s worth using a telephone interpreting service to promptly respond to any calls or emails.  

Evi Xydia, Client Services Manager at ONCALL Interpreters, a global language services provider.

* Source: www.commonsenseadvisory.com

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