Worldwide Business Strategies- The Top Five Languages Used In Business

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In order to stay a leader in the business world, especially in the world of exporting, a company must be able to effectively communicate with its consumers and clients around the planet. This means that a world leader in the business industry must comprehend foreign customs and languages.

Communication with foreign companies and consumers can help a business succeed. There are numerous languages around the world; however, the following list of the top 5 language will help steer a company toward success. A knowledgeable translation service can help your company enter into these emerging countries and bring your product to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Exporting in Spanish

Spanish is used throughout the world in business. In fact, this language is one of the most sought after languages for translation services. Economic powerhouse countries, including Spain, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico, all speak Spanish.

Additionally, there are more than 54 million Spanish speaking people in the United States of America. This equates to trillions of dollars to the American business. Companies are now realizing the importance of understanding dialogues in Spanish.

Spanish has numerous dialects; however, the written form of the Spanish language is more uniform. Because of this, it is a much easier language to learn. Learning formal Spanish and using translation services can enhance your company’s ability to maximize its profits. This infographic showcases some of the considerations for international work.

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Exporting in Portuguese

Portuguese is another language that businesses around the world need. Portuguese is spoken in Portugal as well as Brazil. Brazil is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the market. Brazil has a growing technology community, plenty of natural resources and a large population. Because of its dominance in the economic market, business are realizing the importance of learning Portuguese or hiring a translation company that specializes in Portuguese.

Exporting in Chinese

There are numerous dialects spoken in China; however, the most widely spoken dialect is Mandarin. Over 1.1 billion Chinese speak this language, while the other dialects are spoken by millions of people around the world. For this reason, you need a translation service that is knowledgeable of the numerous dialects of the Chinese Market.

Exporting in Russian

The Russian language is spoken by more than 300 million business owners and consumers. In addition to Russia, the Russian language is spoken by the numerous post-Soviet states, making it one of the most essential languages to have in your arsenal.

Exporting in Arabic

Hundreds of millions of consumers and business owners worldwide speak Arabic. This is the fifth most spoken language on the planet. As the Arabian world continues to grow and more and more of its residents are becoming technologically advanced, business are realizing the importance of understanding Arabic. Because of the numerous dialects spoken in Arabic countries and communities, it can be difficult for businesses to properly communicate with their consumers. A knowledgeable translation service can help ensure business can get their message out to the millions of Arabic consumers.

Business around the world are realizing the importance of using a knowledgeable translation service. In addition to understanding the language, the best translation services are also keenly aware of the business etiquette and protocols companies in foreign nations adhered to. Using a knowledgeable translation service will help bring your business into the 21st century and help improve your company’s experience with its consumers.

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