Working with LSPs? Learn why you might be losing money on your project (and what you can do about it)

There are two ways of dealing with large language projects. You can either choose multiple specialist suppliers or going for a single supplier who is capable of doing everything.

Finding the most cost efficient option for large and expensive projects is always important. Many businesses don’t feel comfortable about partnering up with an agency that can handle everything, in the fear that it will be an expensive solution. Of course, they can always find different suppliers for each step of the project – translation, proofreading, voiceover artist etc. So why wouldn’t they do just that and save money?

There are 3 important points to consider based on previous experience over the past few years managing large projects.

  1. Continuity drives consistency
  2. Save time and cut the costs
  3. Lower the risk

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Topics: Business Development and Export Planning
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