What Does A Consular Agent Do ?

A Consular Agent acts as third party normally between the Exporter and the Chambers of Commerce/ Embassies. The Consular Agent will complete your EU & Arab Certificates of Origin (COO), EUR & ATR ‘s  your behalf and arrange the Chamber Certification along with any Legalisation required at the London Embassies. (all you need to supply is normally a copy of the commercial invoice)

Consular Agents have very experienced export teams who type and process these documents on daily basis thus ensuring an accurate and prompt turnaround of documents and minimal rejections from the chamber. The agent will pay all certification / legalisation costs up front on your behalf and apply a small handling fee to cover the cost of typing and processing and return of documents.

This is a very cost effective way of raising these common documents and lets the exporter spend time on more profitable activities such as new business.

You also do not need to be a member of your local chamber as the consular agents normally hold a membership.

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C Beveridge

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