Water Sector In Mexico

Mexico’s Federal Government has set the adequate management and conservation of water as national priorities. As such, it seeks to provide sufficient drinking water and sewerage services to the population by guaranteeing the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing systems and providing efficient wastewater treatment and storm water collection facilities.

Market overview

Under President Calderon’s National Infrastructure Programme, and its counterpart, the National Water Programme 2007-2012, an estimated US$18 billion is being devoted to projects that substantially improve the quality, scope and coverage of water infrastructure in Mexico.

Since 2007, The National Water Commission has set forth 29 strategic projects—to be completed in 2014—to improve water infrastructure.

Key opportunities

One of the key projects currently being developed in Mexico is the Atotonilco Wastewater Treatment Plant in the central state of Hidalgo, which—upon completion—will be the largest water treatment plant in Latin America.

In an effort to improve the distribution of and access to drinking water, a number of aqueduct projects have also been developed in the states of:

  • Nuevo Leon

  • Queretaro

  • Sonora

  • Durango

  • Baja California

  • Chihuahua

  • Campeche

  • Hidalgo

  • Guanajuato

  • Jalisco

Among the main ongoing projects that are being promoted by the National Water Commission are the following:

  • Zapotillo Aqueduct (states of Jalisco and Guanajuato). Estimated cost: US$407 million; 51% private finance. Tender awarded in september 2011.

  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (Hermosillo). Estimated cost; US$41 million; 60% Private Sector Participation. Tender awarded in 2010.

  • Desalination Plant in Ensenada (Baja California state). Estimated Cost: US$28 million; 60% Private Sector. Tender awarded in september 2011

Other opportunity areas include:

  • Leaks: Since an estimated 30-50% of water in Mexico is lost through leakage, municipalities have shown interest in finding efficient leak detection systems and implementing non-obtrusive pipe rehabilitation solutions.

  • Wastewater: With only 36% of wastewater being treated in Mexico, there is vast interest in building and/or rehabilitating existing wastewater treatment plants. Some of these projects are at the core of initiatives such as the Recovery of the Atoyac River Basin in Puebla and the Recovery of the La Piedad River Basin in Mexico City.

  • Stormwater: In a country with noticeable variations of rainfall according to area, efficient rain collection and flood control devices are also needed.

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Getting into the market

We encourage British companies to approach well in advance the local authorities that are in charge of projects, since very frequently the time between a tender’s launch and the required proposal submission date is extremely short. Approaching them beforehand is desirable to have an insight of what they need and ask for. It is important to build relationships in the market, so that key local players and decision makers will be aware of your expertise and keep you in mind when forming bidding consortia. In many instances, UK companies choose to partner with local counterparts, benefiting from their business know-how.

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