Video: Tax and VAT issues when trading with other countries using the Internet

This clip explains what you need to know when using the internet to trade internationally, whether buying from or selling to countries inside and outside of the European Union (EU). It covers the different types of tax duties that may be due depending on the value and type and destination of goods involved, and when you need and don’t need to pay VAT.

Often people use postal services when trading via the internet, the clip details the different types of documentation which may be needed depending on how the goods are sent and explains that some products my have to be accompanied by licenses. Finally it explains about Incoterms and their relevance to International trade.

You can also read articles on Open to Export which cover these issues to some extent, including our guide to VAT, our explanation of Incoterms, and our article covering some of thedifferent tax and duties you need to cover when exporting to a new country.

Topics: E-commerce, Getting Started, and Taxation
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