Useful resources for assessing the potential impact of Brexit

Over the coming years one of the key concerns for UK SMEs will be the UK’s exit from the EU and the repercussions it will have for companies trading into European markets.

Open to Export will do its best to share important information about the negotiations and their possible impact on UK exports.

With the fluctuating pound and the importance for business to take a long-term view of their export strategies, it is already important for UK exporters to think ahead and consider how Brexit might affect their business.

For now, you can watch our recent webinar on Brexit for some insights into what UK businesses need to know in 2018 about the negotiations.

We’re also running an ongoing webinar series titled ‘Beyond the EU’ in which we look at some of the global markets you could sell into to diversify risk and prepare for a world in which trade with Europe may well become more complicated.


At the most recent Brexit webinar, we answered the following FAQs:

Finally, we will be keeping an updated list of surveys and reports conducted by our partners into the potential impact of leaving the EU, which you can find below:

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FSB guide to export opportunities for UK SMEs following Brexit

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How Brexit could affect the UK’s role in developing future standards

Interview with TradeSift on the potential impact of Brexit

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