Unique, Unusual Social Media Tips your Business Should Try

Getting a ahead on social media can be about thinking outside the box and these unusual social media tips are there to help you do just that.


Create Tweets The Are Custom-Formatted


A lot of tweets can get lost in live feeds that stream on with seemingly no end in sight. However, custom formatting tweets will be sure to catch the attention of readers. A unique font color or line breaks can add a welcome change to the otherwise monotonous nature of short form messaging. In order to have a tweet from your business truly stand out even more, you can include a fun symbol or a refreshing emoji, which can be copied and pasted from other services, including iEmoji.com.


Write Longer Posts


Even though Twitter dos not budge on the 140 character limit, the Google Plus platform encourages conversation that will begin with a longer post. For example, there was a July 7th post by Mike Alton, who is a St. Louis, MO consultant, which received dozens of comments and over a hundred +1s.


Build Facebook Groups


While the organic reach for Facebook pages of various companies will keep on diminishing, marketers, entrepreneurs and publishers should think about creating and managing groups on Facebook. The advantage here is that members are able to opt in and receive updates and direct notifications.


Insert Call To Actions


By embedding calls to action, you are able to spice up common Facebook posts while generating more customer leads. To add the call to action buttons that will drive traffic and clicks, you can follow the super simple tutorial by Econsultancy.


Market Through Numerous Social Platforms


You can convert your Facebook fans into new Twitter followers and your connections on LinkedIn into contacts that can circle around your profile on Google Plus. When you regularly share on each social network, you and your company will be forever in the top of the minds of your followers.


Facilitate Meaningful Connections


Your customers, clients and users are wonderful people. When you identify with others like you, you can encourage them to interact with each other, over and over. You will spark relationships that will constantly reference you as a common interest, solidifying the love for the brand of your company.


Showcase Powerful Visuals Through User-Generated Content


You can leverage certain platforms like Pixlee to both surface and distribute moments that will demonstrate the true meaning of the brand of your company to customers.


Buy Followers


Sites such as Vibbi allow you to purchase followers and by doing so this can make you look more popular than you are. Buying followers obviously can impact very positively on a brands image and should be considered.


Be Weird


There are no guarantees when you play it safe. Instead, you want to take some calculated risks that can get your audience to admire the authenticity of your company and smile, laugh and share.


Positive Spin


Instead of joining in on an angry mob, you can say positive things and uplifting comments about important issues that the audience that you have cares about. Users of social media will be more likely to follow along if you have happy updates. Emotions are known to be contagious and people are known to enjoy optimism.


Offer Structure


When you are looking for replies, nudge followers into a particular mindset. Open ended questions without guidance on your part could result in just a handful of replies. By suggesting a format for the responses, you can see how creative the followers can be. If you are lucky, they will also be thinking about your company.

Topics: Market Research and Sales & Marketing
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