UK Market Entry

Establishing a UK Subsidiary? You’re in the right place.

For most companies looking to expand abroad, the UK offers a range of benefits and advantages, including legal protection for directors and shareholders, a recognised and respected corporate infrastructure and potential tax efficiencies. It is also relatively easy to form a company in the UK, with a minimum required share capital of just £1 and it provides you with instant access to a large and talented workforce. But, as with everything in business, to take advantage of the opportunities available, you need to know what you’re doing.

The UK is the world’s fourth largest trading nation. Every year, hundreds of firms – from high-tech start-ups to leading international businesses – take the decision to start doing business in Britain.

It’s true that British consumers have an appetite for foreign brands and products. But it’s a big step getting a business off the ground in a new country. Enlink understand the challenges involved and the support that is needed to make the most of the opportunities that this vibrant, modern, multicultural country has to offer.

The UK is considered by many to be Europe’s leading business centre. Economic prosperity is greatly assisted by overseas businesses and the UK win something like 25 per cent of inward investment in Europe. There are of course good reasons for this;

• Within the EU, the UK has the least restricted business environment
• The least regulated marketplace and workforce
• One of the lowest rates of corporation tax
• The largest international transport system
• Most widely spoken language
• Lowest top rate of personal taxation

Often viewed as formal, conservative and reserved; in truth the British ‘stiff upper lip’ has relaxed a lot in recent years. Today, business in Britain is full of subtleties, with humour and irony being an integral part of daily working life. Although setting up and running a company in the UK is typically easier and involves less cost than in many other countries, success still depends on accessing expert guidance on tapping into the British market, practical advice on cultural, ethical and business values, as well as support with key aspects of setting up a business and selling your products. No matter what industry you’re part of, our experts can provide advice and support to help you face the challenges ahead and ensure that doing business in Britain is well within reach.

There are several routes to the UK market, including a UK Ltd CompanyUK Establishment, a UK Distributor or UK Agent. Each has its advantages and disadvantages – whichever you choose has to be right for your UK setup, but rest assured, we can help you as you access the UK market.

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