Translation for export – presentation to NWL Chamber of Commerce

We were asked in January to share with our Chamber of Commerce members our 22 years of experience providing translation, interpreting and more to UK exporters, so after a little head-scratching we sat down and came up with this… and PLEASE NOTE the first part about France should be taken with a LARGE pinch of salt! The second part about France explains why… so read on! Of course, the content applies equally to anywhere.

We’re told the Chamber audience really enjoyed it – so hope you do too. It’s a Powerpoint show (.pps) but don’t worry, it’s NOT death by powerpoint – it’s short and straight to the point (personally I DETEST rambling ppt presentations…). Runtime’s only around 7 minutes so it’s ideal for a coffee break.

I’ve animated it, but obviously if you want to pause, advance faster or go back just click left (to advance) or right (anything else) at any point.

Now, because apparently you can’t view a pps from here then to get the full benefit you’ll need to download – just right-click and Save As on Language for Export is IMPORTANT! And I can assure you that the file is to the best of our knowledge (and according to McAfee and every other scanner I’ve tried) free from all nasties. Or, if you’d prefer a non-animated PDF there’s one here..



Topics: Export Planning, Getting Started, Localisation, and Promotion
Export Action Plan