Trade Finance Global releases export guide

Today Trade Finance Global launched their Export Hotspots guide for businesses looking to get insight into the trending exports around the world.

Using not only GDP and export data, the research included looking at population demographics data, exports in the technology sector and infrastructure investment.

Export markets include: Vietnam, who’s dynamic young population are putting it on track to be one of the world’s fastest economies, Morocco, a gateway to Africa and a country investing billions each year to improve infrastructure, and Mexico, a country with more free trade agreements than any other in the world.

Trade Finance Global also compiled some business etiquette tips for doing business abroad. Sometimes understanding the culture can be the make or break for completing a business deal. For example, it’s best to polish up your singing skills if travelling to Ho Chi Minh City; the most popular pastime following a Vietnamese business meeting is karaoke!

Download the guide here:

Topics: Business Development, Export Licences, Getting Started, and Insights & Statistics
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