TOP TEN U.S. TRADE QUESTIONS – #9 Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Continuing in this series of the top 10 FAQs that UKTI receives, we’ll explore the next topic of UK/US trade:

FDA – U.S. Food and Drug Administration

In the U.S., food products are regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), examining the safety and quality of items from the food and drink sector, drugs and cosmetics, to name a few.  If your products contain meat or poultry, they will also be regulated by the US Department of Agriculture – USDA.

When considering the entering the US market with your food/drink product, you will need to ensure that your products, packaging, and labelling all comply with FDA regulations and your food facilities are registered for possible inspection by the FDA as well.

UKTI is unable to advise on regulatory compliance or legal queries but for compliance with the FDA, we can signpost you to relevant information.  Please review the FDA website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding federal U.S. regulations.  Once you have fully explored the FDA website, you may also choose to work with a third-party private company.  An example of this type of company is Registrar Corp, which provides assistance with US FDA regulations but please note they are not affiliated with or a part of the FDA. 

Please contact the Europe Office if you have specific questions regarding your product:
FDA Europe Office
Office of International Programs
Telephone: +1 301-796-4600
Fax: +1 301-595-7937
Email: [email protected]
Below is a list of popular links for your reference:

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Hope you find this information useful.

Please note that as a UK government agency, UKTI is unable to provide legal advice and any information provided here is strictly the result of secondary research and should be treated as such.  For legal and general enquiries on this matter, please contact the phone number above.

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