Top five things to look for in an international postage service

Export and import businesses may rely on larger shippers to send a lot of their produce across the world.

However, postage services and International couriers are required from time to time to send documents, packages and other items across the world.


Any business involved in such an industry is going to want to feel confident in such a business and we’ve compiled a list of things to look for.

Even if the postage or mail delivery service has experienced a massive downturn due to the advent of email and the internet, traditional postal services will still remain and continue to cater specific types of clients as aforementioned. Others like government agencies and international businesses require these postage services from time to time too. Postage service will continue to be a primary need of companies to deliver business post or correspondence, and of course, parcel delivery.

If you’re a business owner or manager of operations, choosing the best and most reliable postal company that offers good value can be a little tricky. Make a wrong choice and you could either lose your letter and parcel or perhaps, suffer additional costs and at worse lose new or current business. Here are the top 5 things you need to look for in a postal or delivery company:

  1. Proven track record
  2. Several individuals and companies try to venture into the postage or parcel delivery business but only few survive. This makes checking the company’s track record important. Is it a long and well-established company or just another new firm trying its luck? Companies with a proven track record are generally large and have all the resources needed to meet most if not all of your business requirements. You can ask for recommendations or check out customers’ experiences online and offline.

    1. Fast delivery service
    2. If you are trying to deliver goods or business post, letters, and other types of written communication, you really need a fast postal service. According to David at a business that relies on quality postage services,” delays in delivery means lost business or income opportunities for companies like ours”.  Som

      Some say at worst these delays cause, a possible legal problem if it involves a legal matter. Fast delivery service is also vital when your business is involved in the selling of goods. If you want repeat customers and prevent refunds, your chosen postal company should be true to its delivery promises.

      1. Reasonable, flexible, detailed pricing scheme
      2. You can only say that you get a good deal on business post or parcel delivery if you get quality or excellent postal services at the best possible price. Check the company’s pricing scheme. Is it reasonable? Are the extra fees and scenarios stated in details? It would also be ideal if there’s flexible pricing that adjusts according to the type of parcel, according to size, or weight.

        1. Easy to reach customer support
        2. You or your customers might need to follow up the delivery while it is in transit or when the subject letter or item is already late. Check whether the postal or delivery company has a website, a contact number, or email. Your best bet is to try these modes of communication first if they are working. If you can’t speak even to a single representative or get a reply, strike that option from the list.

          1. Extra postage services
          2. Aside from the company’s main postage service, check whether it provides extra benefits to you or your business. For example; you can consider a company which can regularly drop by your office or shop to pick up letters or items for parcel delivery. If you have a large postage requirement, some companies might even appoint a dedicated customer service representative or manager to attend to all your business and delivery concerns.

          If you’re a company involved in importing and exporting, or just rely on sending a lot of items and post to an international audience, these tips should help you choose.

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