The Power of Real – How Physical Ad Campaigns are Stretching The Boundaries

With the evolution of digital and the growth of mobile advertising and branding the outdoor media space is also growing and evolving. There is a real appetite for this type of advertising and as the outdoor space becomes a place to get really creative advertisers are looking for more ways to reach out to consumers.

Take Facial Recognition for example. It is now being used to target passers by to deliver a precisely targeted ad to them. A bus shelter ad on Oxford Street in London used technology to determine gender and target relevant messages based on the results.

A recent Jurassic World campaign to promote the new film release saw London Waterloo transformed into a Jurassic World theme park. Commuters at peak time experienced ambient sounds and a combination of visual effects including raptors in the jungle and a prehistoric underwater show.

On a much smaller but higher volume scale one area that has embraced new technology and moved with the times have been estate agents. Not so long ago we would walk past an estate agents window stopping to check the properties that they displayed in the window on window cards placed in Perspex holders. Now this has become digital screens that rotate and showcase different properties giving the passers by a much better experience.

With all of these technologies opening up the appetite for displays that can be touched and felt is certainly as big as it’s ever been if not bigger but it doesn’t all have to be all singing and dancing and interactive as this poster proves. The Barack Obama “Hope” poster was iconic and represented his 2008 presidential campaign. Something so simple but so powerful represented the president of the USA and an election campaign.

So whilst technology is evolving and our appetites for consuming information are growing, there is a bigger demand from us to be given information whether that’s in a digital arena or in a simpler format. Marketing strategy is becoming increasingly refined, with Marler Haley offering display boards at exhibitions that now form an important keystone to any business serious about engaging their customers on the ‘real’ spectrum.

There will always be a place for both digital and traditional forms of media. We still drive cars past billboards and walk past bus stops. When we haven’t got our noses in our phones, we will actually be in a place where we consume media in one form or another.

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